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About Genjodaha Earthshaker (Earthshaker)

Earthshaker enables you to upsize your Microsoft Access accdb system to Access adp and SQL Server system formats. Earthshaker’s revolutionary technology has been recognized by Microsoft as advanced supporting software for Access’s “Upsizing Wizard”, and can quickly and accurately complete this task for you. Please be aware, though, that depending on the way your Access files have been developed and programmed, a completely automated upsizing may not be possible and some manual editing and touch-ups are required. Please read our instructions below for full details for capabilities, limitations and support that we offer to ensure you success and satisfaction.

How to use

Our service has been tailored to meet the needs of our many types of users. Please select which usage or licensing plan is most appropriate for you.
You can purchase Earthshaker here. A user license is required for each Access database instance.
In cases where the customer utilizes Earthshaker but cannot completely convert and upsize the system (due to issues with the original Access database not Earthshaker bugs or defects), we offer in-depth paid (incident fee) technical support via email.
Full-service estimate
In case where you would like hands-off, “turnkey” upsizing of your Access system or systems, Inforce’s professional services group is happy to look at your project and give you an estimate using our Access analysis tool.
About us
As a brief company overview, we are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner with offices in California and Japan. Our world-wide headquarters in in Tokyo, Japan and we are publicly traded company.
“EarthShaker" is the product name in the USA and other English speaking countries. It is known as "Gekishin" in Japan. In some instances, you may see the term Gekishin used. When you do, it refers to EarthShaker.